The Foxy Fruit Acai Bar

Bring A Healthy & Fresh
Experience To Your Event!

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We absolutely love bringing our fresh, organic bowls, handcrafted drinks & desserts to events that are seeking to create a healthy vibe for their attendees! An acai bar by Foxy Fruit gives the event guests a personalized experience by having them add their own toppings to their smoothie bowl —
we blend the bowls, and they get to have fun by creating their own delicious work of edible art!

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We provide an array of toppings; from our house-made, gluten-free granola & dark chocolate drizzle, to fresh cut kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and coconut flakes, the guests of your event will be thrilled to have all these deliciously beautiful garnishes to choose from.

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Blended to perfection at our kitchen using only the best ingredients, we have an array of creative recipes on our menu. Just let us know 1 or 2 bowl flavors you would like us to provide for your acai bar!

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